Jun 19 2014

2 years planning, 2 years sailing…was it worth it? ABSOLUTLY!!!

From an external source (unedited): For 2 years I planed, read, and refitted a boat to safely take me anywhere I’d like to go……And then I left, The route was unclear and vague, The boat was strong and reliable, but not ” perfect “. Yet when I turned the corner leaving the bay behind me …

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Jun 07 2014

What a Relaxing Day

Well, we made it to the marina – FINALLY! It was a nice evening. Started out this weekend with the idea that we were not going to do any work, but were only going to sit on our behinds and relax. We met David, a friend, on the docks. He had brought us a dinner …

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Jan 26 2014

Breakfast at the Marina


Morning has broken and we decided to head down to California Cafe for breakfast. A quaint little restaurant with a nice staff. Plenty of good food on the menu. We ordered eggs and sausage for me, and an omelet for her. We wait and she is intently playing on her computer. We'll do a review …

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Just Hanging Out.



Nov 09 2013

At the Marina

The sunset…   It's always nice to come down here for an evening. No big plans except to clean the bilge tomorrow morning and hang.   Posted with Blogsy


At the Marina November 2013 – Getting Her Ready for Adventure

We FINALLY had a chance to break free from the shackles of the office and head down to the boat.  We didn’t realize it until we checked in with Four Square, but it had been five months since we had been to the marina.

We’re planning a trip to Catalina Island at the end of December and need to start getting things in order.  Two young couples asked if we could sail them over so they could go camping for the New Year’s weekend, and we happily obliged.

Here’s a short video of how we found the boat after our five month hiatus.



What’s Up!?

A short blurb about what we're up to this weekend. We FINALLY made it down to the boat after five months!




Oct 24 2013

Long Time No Blog

Wow, has it really been that long? We've been soooo busy trying to build business up, and with a few new ventures of my own, that we've been away from the boat for about three months now. Really sad! We've agreed to head down for the weekend and hang out. We will clean the water …

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Jul 07 2013

Captain Voyle Coleman

Captain Voyle Coleman and First Mate.  I will eventually interview Captain Coleman and post that, too.      

Jul 07 2013

Office Moved


Not really, but I wish…  We decided to stay at the boat a bit longer and work from the boat this weekend.  Besides not having any place to plug in, the picnic area at the marina is a great place to de-stress and get a bit of office work done, too.

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