Catalina Trip Preparation – Part 3

Whew!  Charting our trip and noted that it’s about 53 miles to the island.  That means that it will take us 10-11 hours to get there.  We’ll have to leave around 6 in the morning to ensure that we get there with enough daylight to be able to get a mooring.  I’d prefer to dock as close in as possible so that we won’t be riding 3′ swells all night long.  We’ll take what we can get.

A quick trip to the marine store tomorrow afternoon to pick up a few things and then down to the boat.  We’ll take some food with us and probably buy a few things when we get there.

The weather is supposed to be as boring as it always is – cool, sunny, nice.  No rain or storms forecasted, but you never know.  One day when we were out, we had a small squall (if you could call it that) blow up.  The waves increased to about 4-6′ and the wind picked up to around 30-35 mph.  It was great for sailing!  We were hitting 6 knots with only the main sail up.  The wife kept saying that we should let the jib go, but we haven’t had the mast tuned, so I didn’t want to stress anything.