The Majestic Warwick

Do you see her thundering across the view in a massive visual strike?

Can you hear her past of plenty rumbling over the hills?

She’s a beauty indeed, and for all that see her, she impresses to no end.

Step into her hallowed halls and take a breath before it is taken by what you see.

Majestic and mighty are her verbiage, and strength and awe are her


She stood for all that were in the time when blood flowed for her glory.

Her halls echo with the deaths of hundreds in her name, and for her honor.

She was their home, and their country all in one, and they forget her not.

For her glory still highlights the horizon in splendor that adorns.

Damn the enemy for he came in force.

He fought her walls of rock and her soul of men.

She crushed all that entered and sent them to their death with vengeance

from her will.

For she is a castle standing tall, not bound by the wearing time nor the blink of an eye.