50 Years of Living in 300 Square Feet

How to compact 50 years of living…

I’ve seen this question answered in a few ways here and there, but it is difficult.  Over the years I’ve collected quite a bit of stuff, a lot of which is in storage.  I have two main collections of things that I have been interested in over the years, and selling off those two collections has been a painful endeavor.

Over the years I have collected radios and computers – specifically older shortwave radios and Commodore computer equipment.  When I resigned my position as Senior Engineer five years ago, and moved to California, I dissolved part of my retirement.  In doing so, I was able to buy things that I would not have normally put the money on.  It was great to finally obtain those things that I had wanted over the years!  But now that I have made the decision to radically change my lifestyle, I have had to deal with giving up all those things that will not fit into the new space that I have to work with.  The decision was basically that I could keep the stuff or live on a sailboat, and I chose the latter.

So, off to storage to take pictures.  After that I started putting things on Ebay and Craigslist.  The bad side is watching the things that I worked for and wanted, go.  The good side is that it is liberating in a strange way.  I am no longer bound by those things that would lock me into a location, and I will be able to leave anytime I have a whim, taking all my stuff with me.  I have had to rethink my values in life, but the payoff is great.

More on this as things progress…