Searching for a Sailboat – Part 1

Now that we have become moderately able to sail, we are starting to think of looking for our dream boat.  We’re looking to buy something around 40′-50′ in length.  We have looked at floor plans and amenities and have come the the conclusions regarding length that we need to be able to be comfortable.

Some of the things to consider, are what is needed for basic living.  A bathroom/shower, hot water, galley with oven and stove, refrigerator and some cabinet space, nice main berth, at least one other private berth, but probably two.

Other things to consider are the amount of fresh water that she can carry, two forms of equipment to generate electricity, water purifier, radar, and probably a few other things that I am not thinking of right now.

When you consider the purpose of our boat, it is not only to be a live-aboard in the sense of permanently docking somewhere.  We plan to ultimately sail around the world with her.  The boat will need to be completely self-sufficient for our survival.