Toil and Trouble – Sailboat Repairs

Okay, so before we go out I wanted to fix a few things on the boat.

I finally scrapped the idea that I could rebuild the galley faucet and bought a new one.  It will add resale value when we sell her to upgrade, so things like this are a good investment.

Now I get to pump out and clean the fresh water tank.  Not a big deal though.  I’ve had a solution in there to kill all the bacteria, so now to pump it out and give it a test.  This was a necessary thing for out (eventual) trip to Catalina Island.  It will give us 13 gallons of fresh water to take with us.

I had to rewire part of the bilge pump, not a big thing.  It has a newer pump, so I knew the intermittent wasn’t from the motor.

Still have to buy new rope for some of the rigging, but it’s not in too bad of a condition, so that is a project for another day.