Searching for a Sailboat – Part 4

The never ending saga, or so it seems…

One thing that we have learned in this adventure, is that when we go to look at a sailboat that we might potentially buy, we need to take a LOT of pictures and take a lot of notes.

We most recently looked at a 39′ Columbia Tall Rig.  Nice older boat with tons of space.  It has a wide beam, so also has good head room – 6’4″ of headroom.  I’m 6’1′, so this was a nice thing for me.  We’re still not decided on this boat yet, but we like the size and are looking at a few other similar boats.

Because our ultimate goal is to be able to stock the boat for an extended voyage (3 months or more) without needing to make landfall unless we want to visit an island, we have to take quite a few things into consideration when looking.  Here are a few of the criteria that we are taking into account:

  • Long and wide with room for a small onboard garden
  • Storage space
  • Water capacity
  • Fuel capacity, although this isn’t as much of a consideration
  • Sail area and boat speed
  • Style – would prefer a ketch, but a sloop or cutter would be fine, too
  • Room for solar and wind generators
  • “Blue water” readiness – proven track record

These are a few things that we have taken into account.  Here are some pictures of the last boat we looked at: