Searching for a Sailboat – Part 5

Well, we’ve run the gammit with regards to looking at different styles of sailboats.  We most recently looked a a beautiful ketch that has a wooden hull.DSCN0273_small She is a ketch and was built in 1970 in Taipei, Taiwan.  We’re seriously thinking about buying this one!  It has almost everything that we would need for our adventures, and what is not there could be added for a few thousand dollars.

Another interesting thing about this boat, is that it is gaff-rigged.  This means that the sails have a horizontal support that runs across the top of the sail, which creates more sail area.  That, along with it being a ketch (two masts) means that it will be a fairly quick boat if sailed properly.

I think that, besides how clean this boat is, the styling is most appealing.  She looks like a really old ship.  There is a real romance about this boat and it is a real head-turner, too.

We will be making a decision regarding whether or not we will buy this boat this week, so more soon.