Searching for a Sailboat – Part 6

We’re on the final leg of our journey to find a new sailboat.  We’ve done our research, looked for several months, studied all the particulars for the boat that we are currently pursuing, and are about to finalize a deal.

We have entered into a contract in that we have an agreement that we will buy the boat we are looking at if it passes a boat survey.  The survey is necessary in order to obtain insurance on the boat, and will be a very thorough survey that will take four to six hours to complete.  I’ll be there the entire time and will be taking many pictures and video.

I’ve hired a man that, from what I can tell, is an experienced surveyor.  We’ll be hauling the boat out of the water and he is going to pull fasteners from different places in the hull to check them.  He will also do a complete inspection of the top side before we pull her out.  This is all necessary because she is an older wooden hull boat, and insurance companies require it.  I am pretty confident about her passing muster because I have been in touch with the man that built her and owned her for some 30 years, and from his attitude, I could tell that he really loved her and cared for her.  He was experienced in boating and knew quite a bit about construction of boats when he built her.  His name is Steven Wolf and he has not only been a great source for knowledge about the building and sailing of this boat, but also a great person to communicate with while planning trips and journeys.  He is also a really nice person and is becoming a friend in the process.  Thanks, Steve!

All and all this has been a real eye-opening experience.  My wife and I have learned a lot, and now know how much we don’t know.  What we have a great sense of is that this boat has been well-loved and taken care of by every owner, and we fully intend to do the same for her.  In buying a boat with the history she has, we have gained a sense that we are not going to be her new owners, but her new caretakers.