Searching for a Sailboat – Part 7 – Boat Found!!

We found our boat!

Finally we managed to find a boat that filled both of our wish lists.  Here is what was on our wish lists. IMG_0483


  • Needs to be a ketch.  Why?  Because I like the layout.
  • Steering wheel for ease of use and so that a there is no tiller to take up space and slap you around.
  • Inboard engine.  After having experience with an outboard and cavitation, this was a must.
  • Engine should be a diesel.  Several reasons, but because of the longevity of the engine and also the fuel.
  • Enough headroom to stand up in (at least 6′ 1″).  This boat has 6′ 6″.


  • Shower.  A must for a woman.
  • Hot/cold pressure water.
  • Center cockpit.  Why?  Because she likes the layout.

What was really strange is that the boat that we just bought has all these criteria!  She’s a Harstad 31′ ketch.  One of only about 6~12 made, depending on who you ask.DSCN0553 It was also interesting that we were recently looking at marine grills to mount to the outside of the boat, and the seller of the one we bought had recently purchased a new grill, but had not even taken it out of the box.  Still new!

We absolutely love our new boat.  She seems to suit us to a “T”.  There are only a few minor changes that we will be making, but nothing to diminish the character or integrity of the vessel.  We will keep her true to her designer’s original scheme, but with a few nice touches.  Brass and wood are going to be added here and there, and perhaps some brightening of some of the finished wood already there.