Catalina; Here We Come!

We’re going to retrieve our new boat from the Oxnard marina this weekend, and we will be taking it to its new home in Long Beach.  Long Beach will be a temporary home until our name come up in the waitlist for Dana Point.  Our trip south to Long Beach will be a great time for a stopover at Catalina Island.

Because Catalina Island is only 22 miles from our new slip, and Oxnard is a good 95 mile sail, we decided to get an early start and sail directly to Catalina, and then sail back to Long Beach the next morning.  We’ll sail into Two Harbors and drop anchor there.  We’ll be protected in the leeward side and will probably have a nice relaxed evening.  Cook some dinner, shower, and then be off the next morning.

It should be quite an adventure!  We’ll be sailing for about 10~12 hours to make it down from Oxnard, so we’ll have plenty of time to sort out the boat.  I’ll post more later from the boat!