How Stupid We Were

For sailing this boat, without a survey to tell us what might be wrong with the boat, all the way down from Oxnard to Long Beach…

Well, conventional wisdom would have told a thinking person to wait until an expert had looked at the boat, to actually get on it and sail it.  But noooo…  We decided that we would take this task on on ourselves.  I guess our ace in the hole was that we had prayed about this boat and what would happen if we bought her and when we sailed her down to Long Beach.

You see, we have always had a connection with God, as many of you have, too, he guides us though all factions of life, including those parts of life where we do things that are strange like sailing through things that we should not.

I guess I have a traditional view, as our sailing founders did, that God should have a part in any adventure.  That way you can be guaranteed that things will go as planned.

We sailed, we did plan, but not properly, and we went many miles in the dark, but still found our way to a small marina on Long Beach.  You tell me..