Catalina Island and Two Harbors

iPhone 030_smallWe finally made it to Catalina Island on Sunday!  We spent the night on the boat and woke up at around 5:30 to leave.  Had a brief breakfast and we were on our way.

Long Beach, where our boat is slipped, is only about 21 miles from Catalina Island.  We managed about 7 knots on the way there under motor power because there was no wind.  We arrived around 10 or so and anchored at a mooring in Two Harbors.  We decided to sail into Two Harbors instead of Avalon because Avalon is way too commercial.  Two Harbors is quaint and friendly, and had a few nice shops and restaurants.  We were greeted by Harbor Patrol as we pulled up to the main dock an as we looked around for who to ask about a mooring, Dan, the Harbor Patrol man, pulled up next to us and asked us what we needed.  We told him that we wanted a mooring for a few hours, to which he replied that we could have the mooring closest to the dock at no charge because there was so little activity.  He then proceeded to charge us $3 per person (3 people) to taxi us to the dock, which was about 30 feet away, but all was good.  He was very friendly, as were all the people that we met.  It was nice because even when an islander passed us on a dirt path they would ask if we needed help or knew what we were looking at.  It was a totally refreshing experience after living in the O.C./L.A. area where people seem to think that one of the requirements of living in California is that you have to be an ass to those around you.

iPhone 023_smallAnother thing that both me and the wife noticed was the air quality.  We both noticed that the air smelled so nice and fresh.  No pollution in the air, but you could see it all back towards Long Beach.  The air that surrounds Catalina Island is blown in mostly from the direction of the Pacific Ocean, so it is really clean an clear.  The sky is soooo blue!  Such a nice change!

All and all it was totally beautiful!  We really enjoyed our visit and plan to visit Two Harbors again very soon.  As long as you take your own food you’ll be okay.  Although the restaurant food isn’t that over priced, the store food is.  A can of Progresso soup (small can) was $4.35.  That same can would have been about $.45 in O.C.

Next time we’ll take plenty of pictures and video, and we’ll take a lot of food to cook on the grill.  We’ll get there early on a Saturday and leave late on a Sunday to give us time to enjoy hiking and playing on the island.  It is so nice there that it feels like a mini vacation when we visited.  So quiet and so clean!

More to come!