Nov 22 2009

We Made it to Catalina Island

After a long sail yesterday. we made it to Catalina Island!  I again chose Two Harbors because it is much friendlier than Avalon and also more accessible.  Our new friends from the marina, Dan1 and Dan2, joined us on this adventure and it was nice to have them along.  On the way in Anne Marie caught five Bonito, which I cooked on the grill while she cooked her now-famous potatoes.  We boarded Dan’s boat with the food and beer, and had a really nice dinner.  They are good companions and we are glad to have sailed with them.

We’re sitting in Two Harbors now, right outside the moorings.  It was great to drop anchor here and not have to pay for a mooring that is really close!  We rocked and rolled a bit during the night, but it was still a pleasant sleep.  I have pictures and videos, but I can’t get to them right now so I’ll have to post them later.  More to come!




  • Capt Tom, I’m taking my family out to Catalina after Christmas. I would love to hear more about what you liked, and what we should skip.

  • Well, as I’ve written a bit about, we loved Two Harbors because of the quaint atmosphere and ease of access.

    You can find moorings, especially this time of year, close in the harbor, and also anchorages 300 or so yards outside. The anchorages are free and the moorings are somewhere around $28 a night. Water taxis are $3 per person, so that can become expensive and, depending on how many times you go to Catalina, can justify a skiff.

    Moorings may be no charge if you just need them for a few hours during the day, but you will be charged if you stay longer or over night. The harbor masters cruse around in small boats and are really friendly! They will help you find a mooring and will also help you keep your boat in place while you figure out what the heck you are doing when you tie to the moorings. They seem to have a good understanding that the tourists pay the bills, so they are nice. It also pays to be nice to them.

    We have skipped Avalon on purpose because of the commercial nature. We have no need nor want to be moored in a harbor with a bunch of weekend warriors that know little more about sailing than how to push buttons on their Beneteaus or Hunters. We prefer surrounding ourselves with those that sail for the love of sailing and adventure. Perhaps a more rustic type, but infinitely more interesting and fun to be around!

  • I have some videos of the leeward (land) side of Two Harbors that I will be posting soon. One is a video of me motoring slowly towards the dock where you would be met by a harbor master that would let you know how to handle things and ask you what you needed.

  • Hey thanks! I didn’t see this until just now. My family spent most of our time in Isthmus Harbor and Cat Harbor. I’m with you, Avalon was not my cup of tea. We did go grocery shopping there and had to visit their hardware store (no chandlery? Really?)