Catalina Trip

Although this is a belated post (I needed to upload all the pics first), I wanted to include it because it was an enjoyable weekend adventure that we recently had.

We traveled with our friends son Travis, and Dan and Daniel.  Two really nice people that we met at the Marine.  Dan was really helpful when it came to fixing our broken rudder, and he actually built us a new door jamb for the piece that cracked, causing one of our entryway doors to fall off its hinges.  Dan is the older of the two, and Daniel is a younger man.  They have plans to leave soon and sail down the coast to Mexico and beyond.  An adventure that the wife and I wish we could join them on.

We started off from Long Beach on Friday morning.  It was a bit overcast and cool.  We motored overDSCN0689 to the fuel dock and filled both boats with diesel, and then we were off.

Within an hour or so we both had our sail up and had a bit of a breeze helping us along.  The day was warming nicely and the skies had cleared.  It was turning out to be a really nice day at that point.  There were probably 4-5 foot swells, so things were pleasant.



As we approached Catalina, we were becoming really excited at the thought of getting set up and getting dinner cooking.DSCN0742

It was getting on in the afternoon, so we were all hungry and ready for dinner.  Unbeknown to us, the Dans did not have time to stop for provisions before the trip, so they were REALLY ready for some nourishment by that time.  The pic here is of Two Harbors, where we planned on spending the night.  It is a really nice harbor that the wife and I have been before.

When we arrived, we dropped anchor next to the Dans and rigged our boats together.  After cooking dinner, we took all the food aboard Dan’s boat and had a nice dinner.  Later we went back to our boat and bedded down for the night.  It was a rocky night with the swells coming in, but it wasn’t all that unpleasant.

The next morning was really beautiful with the sun rising over the island.DSCN0754 In this pic I caught a jet flying over one of the hills just before the sun came up.

DSCN0765It was early, so the Dans were still asleep.  When they awoke, we hooked the boats back together and cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast.  It was great!

DSCN0795The wife, Travis and Daniel we ashore, which I will upload pics of in my next post.  This last pic is us saying goodbye to Catalina Island and summing up a wonderful weekend.

More to come in the next post.  I will be posting a photo album of the trip.