South to Mexico – More Planning

In planning this trip, we will be taking a bit over a week to sail south to Coronados Island where we will drop anchor inside one of the natural harbors.  It will Picture 9take us all day to get there – probably 13 hours.  We will leave really early on the 19th or 20th.  After a night’s sleep, we will probably make shore somewhere around Rosarito.  We are going to be traveling with Dan and Daniel, our marina mates, so we’ll all be looking for a party!

We’ve bought another 50 or so pounds of provisions and a new reel for our third rod so that we can troll 3 lines in the water, so our food should be plentiful.  I will be buying an ice maker so that we have ice for the box and drinks on the trip.  I will also be making some small repairs to the boat to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Picture 11 This should be a fun trip!  It’s around 113 miles one way, so it will be the farthest that we have taken our sailboat.  We will always be close to shore just in case something comes up, but the boat is in great condition and we have sailed for up to 16 hours straight before, so we can handle this.

We’ll be blogging during the trip, too.  We’ll send back as many pictures and videos as we can.  More soon…