Long Time No Blog!

Wow, since my server is back up now I noted that it has been a long time since my last post. I posted something about picking up the new boat, but that was it.
As it turns out, my health was showing signs of congestive heart failure but I didn’t know. We picked up the boat at the end of August and by that time I was finding it difficult to walk short distances without stopping and catching my breath. This all came on within a few months and was getting worse. As we tied the new boat up at the marina, I started having some mild chest pains. The wife took me to the emergency room where the doctors ran some tests and told me that I wasn’t going home.
They ran more tests the next day and told me they wanted to schedule major surgery to replace one of my heart valves. I knew that I had a congenital problem with one of the valves and suspected that was my problem all along, but this confirmed it. Within two days I found myself laying in the operating room about to go under. After the operation I spent an extra 45 minutes in there because of some problems, but all went well in the end.
Now I find myself with more energy that I have had in many years. I can out-pace my wife when we are walking and find myself running with our dog when I walk her. I can’t seem to hold myself back, in fact.
Anyway, I never want to go through that again! I’ve been through some pretty painful things, but having them cut my chest open for about 10 inches and split my ribs so that they could man-handle my heart for a few hours and tear a lot of other things up in the process is not my idea of something pleasant. It was worth it, though! I would not have lived but for a few more years had they not operated. Now I’m good for another 30 plus years.
I’ll post more on the improvements/repairs that we have done on the boat soon.