Working on our Columbia 36 Sailboat

Our Columbia 36 is coming along nicely.  We have managed to do the following:

  • Put up shower curtain.
  • Installed new shower head.
  • Scrubbed all counters.
  • Re varnished all interior trim work with Polyurethane based varnish.
  • Made under-counter glass holder for galley.
  • Relocated shelf at navigation station for more room.
  • Successfully set up system to download weather faxes over shortwave.
  • Installed lock on gimbaled oven for easier cooking at anchor.
  • Installed new heating element in hot water heater.
  • Installed GPS/depth finder.
  • Installed new galley faucet.

Still more to do, but we have a start.  I need to also hook the hot water heater to the engine, but I have to get the right fittings.  Need to buy/install solar panels.  Need to buy/install radar.  I have to climb the mast and replace bulbs in the mast light and spreader spot lights.  Build and install a new power panel at the nav station so that I can bring all controls to it.  Need to install a refrigeration system.  The boat used to have one.  It still has the cold plates and copper tubing back to the engine room, but no compressor.  Tomorrow I’ll be cleaning out the bilge.

More to come!