Planned Route to Mexico

Here is one option that we have for sailing south to Mexico:

To San Diego then to Coronados Island

If we take this route, we will be going 123.2 nautical miles.  At around 5 knots, it will take us around 25 hours to get there.  That does not include the down time in the San Diego marina where we will be picking some hardware for our boat and hanging out with the previous owner for a bit.

If we sail out into the Pacific first so that we can try to catch more fish, the trip will be 155.3 NM and will take us around 31 hours:

To San Diego then to Coronados Island (Longer)

Either way we go, we are going for the adventure and the fishing (the wife loves to fish).  We will have enough staples onboard to last us a long time, so the week or so we will be out is nothing.

More planning to come!