Our Sailboat

She’s a 1969 Columbia 36. She was built before fiberglass construction was fully understood, and so they overbuilt her and made her stronger than she really needed to be. She has a 10 1/2 foot beam, which might sound a bit narrow, but it also makes her faster. There is 6’4″ of headroom in the main salon and just over 6′ as you move towards the bow. Her diesel was installed new in 2006 and only has about 170 hours total. At 30 horsepower it pushes her through the water at 7.2 knots all day long. She has a range of around 720 miles with her 60 gallon fuel capacity if you just run her without the sails. But she sails so well in even light winds that we rarely find the need to fire up the diesel.

Her history tells an interesting story. As it appears, she has had three previous owners. Owner number two was evidently an importer of fine drugs – he ran Cocaine between Hawaii and southern California. As the story goes, he brought her into a boatyard in San Diego some 12 years back, and asked the yard owner to completely refit her. She was completely redone inside and out. One day the yard owner received a call from an attorney telling him that he could keep the boat against whatever charges were owed. The owner had been arrested and would not be out of jail for a very long time. The yard owner’s son ended up buying the boat and owned it for some 10 years or so before selling it to us. He took very good care of her and she was in great condition when we bought her.

All told, this is our third and probably final boat. I have maintained a website where I have blogged about our boats and how I have worked on each, but now that we are getting closer to taking extended adventures, I though it time to start a site dedicated to that. Here it is.