Catalina Island Weekend Adventure

We finally talked my wife’s younger daughter, Justice, into sailing to Catalina Island with uIMAG0045s.  She’s a busy little critter, with her school, soccer, and other things she’s into.  We also had the older son, Travis, his girlfriend, and a friend that Justice brought.


We decided to first motor into the harbor on and drop anchor the the night of April 16th and then set out for Catalina Island the next morning.  It’s a bit of a long trip there and back for one day (24 miles), but we figured it would still be fun.

The started off nicely, with the wife making coffee and thinking about what everyone could eat.  We let them all sleep in while we motored out and put up the sails.


When we were about three miles out, they started waking from their slumber.  I made the mistake of letting them stay below for too long, and two of the girls started feeling a bit woozy.  They came up into the cockpit, but it was too late.  They both heaved on and off for the next hour or so before we finally got there.  The only good thing about begin seasick is that it wears off almost instantly when you plan your feet on terra firma.

We decided to go to Two Harbors because it is easier to get in and out of, and it is more DSCN0983_JPGcasual.  There are places you can hike to and sight see.  As we approached Two Harbors and dropped sail.  I motored us to the dock and dropped everyone off, then went out to a mooring ball where the wife tied us up.  The water taxi came and gave us a ride in.

DSCN0996_JPGBy the time we were able to catch up with the kids, they were half way across the island.  Where Two Harbors is on the Island, it is very narrow – only about 1000 feet across.  You can hike from one harbor on the leeward side to the other in a few minutes.  We didn’t see any of the indigenous buffalo, but there are enough other things see.  On the way back I made everyone stay in the cockpit and there were no more seasick girls.  That makes for a happier skipper!

Catalina Island is a great place to visit.  We prefer Two Harbors to Avalon, although if you leave the kids at home, Avalon is a great place to have dinner and bar hop.  We’ll be going back soon, and I expect often this year.  It’s a great sail, and when you get there it is easy to drop anchor in the free anchor area and jump in the skiff to make it to shore.  More pictures and videos to come!