We decided to work on aesthetics this past weekend.  The varnish on the wood trim on the outside of the boat is flaking and peeling, so we removed some of the wood strips and sanded it down.  Other pieces were left in place since the screws were screwed in so tight.


This is a picture of the wood next to the cabin door that is about to be sanded.

This is the other side, already sanded and waiting to be varnished.

And this is the captain working on the door to the galley.  We varnished the pieces before we left, and we’re going to finish varnishing them this coming weekend.

More work to be done (in preparation for my daughter and her kids sailing with us to Catalina) are buffing the paint on the outside of the boat, painting the particle board inside the boat, fixing a hole in the inflatable skiff, and building some cabinets behind the settee.