Installed Inverter and Solar Controller

With only one more weekend to ready the boat for a trip to Catalina Island, time is running short and the list of things to do is running too long.  Since we’re taking my wife’s oldest daughter and her five kids, along with another few kids, I want everything ship shape and ready to go.

This past weekend I fabricated a shelf for the inverter and solar panel controller, installed hinges on the settee back for easy access to the storage, and the wife and I stripped and revarnished the wood trim around the companion way.  Next weekend we’ll get the rest of the wood in the cockpit done.  I don’t have any before pictures,

but the old varnish was peeling off and looked really bad.  It was a long time coming and needed to be done.  A lot of elbow grease and sandpaper and the teak was ready to varnish.  In the picture of the inverter/controller, you can see that there is additional work needed to make it “pretty”.  I plan on a small door in the front with a wooden handle and teak trim around it.

Next weekend I will install the new refrigeration, God willing it arrives in time.  We ordered it and paid for it already, so the rest is up to West Marine.  I ordered the Norcold conversion kit.  Although we have 10 cubic feet of space and it is designed for six, I have a plan.  I may install a large block of styrofoam in the bottom for insulation or I may compartmentalize into two sections with a fan and vent to control how cool the upper section gets.  That way we could use the upper section (cool section) for veggies and the lower section (cold section) for perishables.  I’ll also fashion some sort of basket to hold things to be frozen up against the cold plate.

More on these things and the Catalina Island trip soon…