Working on the Sailboat

I had time to get down to the sailboat this weekend and get some more work done.  The teak in the cockpit needed to be finished, so it was needed.

This weekend I have done a lot more sanding on the teak in the cockpit.  It has taken more elbow grease than I anticipated because of the multiple layers of old varnish that had to come off before we could put a fresh coat on.  If we keep up with it, we won’t have to do a complete strip for years into the future.

And the finished (almost) product…





We have to sand and put on maybe two more coats, but it already looks MUCH better.

Onward to the next project…




This used to be wasted space.  It was beneath the nav station seat, and there was no reason why it wasn’t accessible as a storage area.  Columbia sailboats, in all its infinite wisdom, left a lot of places closed that could be used for storage.  We’re finding those and opening them up.