Headed Off to the Sailboat

So we’re headed off to the marina this afternoon with thoughts of climbing the mast to install the radar dome.  I have everything I need, so I just need to get this done.  That gets one more thing out of the interior of the boat and makes the first mate that much happier.

We also talked about sailing out to Catalina Island and spending the night there.  Haven’t sailed there this season and we’ve been wanting to.  That’ll give me the chance to really test the autopilot and iron out anything with that.  I also want to have some time to sort out the sails and see if we need anything new in that department.

While I’m at the island I may try to tackle installed the new alternator and the plumbing for the hot water heater to engine connections.  So many little things on our list that it’s good to get a few done every weekend.