Weekend Work

We made it down to the boat Friday evening to get an early start organizing things Saturday.  I also had a few plans for mounting the charge controller for the wind generator and connecting the battery in the anchor locker to the rest of the house system.  I did manage to get those two things done, then we received a call from one of our daughters that wanted to come down for a sail.  Two ended up arriving, so we decided to head out for a bit.

After we motored out of the slip we immediately started to raise the sails.  The main went up without a hitch, but when we raised the jib it only opened partially.  After fighting with it for a while we decided to head back in and figure out what went wrong.

As it turned out the main halyard had wrapped around the roller furlering at the top.  I worked to unwrap it for a few hours before it started getting late and decided to wait for morning.  I may need to go up the mast, but can’t without a free halyard to use.

More after I figure this out.

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