Weekend Work – The NavSlide Pedestal Mount

This weekend we added a mount to our steering that will allow us to mount our GPS, and anything else we wish, to a very versatile mount system that swivels and lets us slide to our instruments view better.


As a disclosure, I was sent this unit as an “evaluation unit”.  I will add that I was looking at these about a year ago when I was looking for ways to mount our GPS to the pedestal, but at that time we had spent man thousands on outfitting our boat and I could not see spending the additional money on a mount.  Imagine my surprise when the owner of NaveSlide.no contacted me after watching our videos, and offered me the unit.

After receiving the NavSlide I quickly changed my thinking that we could have done without it.  It was much more substantially built than I expected and I can see how the new mount will become an additional safety feature.  It not only brings the GPS/depth finder close enough to clearly see, but also gives us several more places to use as hand holds.  Places to grab to keep you upright or from going overboard.  Yep, it’s that strong.  In fact, it is comprised of heavier steel than our Edson steering pedestal, and the engineering is impeccable.

I’ll have a detailed video on our Youtube channel and will repost it here, too.