Long Time No Blog

Wow, has it really been that long? We've been soooo busy trying to build business up, and with a few new ventures of my own, that we've been away from the boat for about three months now. Really sad! We've agreed to head down for the weekend and hang out. We will clean the water tanks out, wash her down, and get her ready for a Catalina trip soon. We're having sailboat withdrawals! Just to think that 10 months ago we were here…

This was taken in Cat Harbor. One of out favorite places to anchor. It's just about the calmest anchorage you'll ever find.





This next one is my favorite rock formation in all of Catalina Island. It can only be seen when sailing the back side of the island.

You can tell from the horizontal and vertical vains running through the formation that it was created by lava flows.

It actually has several different facades depending on the angle of view.


We've always felt like the boat was home, even though we've spent the last 10 months living back at the office. It will feel so good to get back home!