What a Relaxing Day

Well, we made it to the marina – FINALLY! It was a nice evening. Started out this weekend with the idea that we were not going to do any work, but were only going to sit on our behinds and relax. We met David, a friend, on the docks. He had brought us a dinner plate of mashed potatos, a wrap made of crab meat, Ribeye steak, and bacon (WOW!), and asparagus. Was great! Thanks, David!

That worked out just fine until this morning when the first mate said she wanted to go to the grocery store. On the way she noticed a sign for an estate sale, and we of course had to stop in for a look. She found an antique liquor cart that she just had to have. We went to the bank for some cash, then returned to buy it. Now… Off to the grocery store. We bought some staples and beer, and headed back to the sailboat.

The first mate then decided it was time to sand and varnish, to which I responded, “sure, go ahead”. Then she decided she wanted to varnish the cockpit grating, and I replied in kind. Then she went after the mast on the sabot, and again she received the same response from me. After all, we had planned a weekend relaxing, so I was not going to allow a bait-and-switch!

My only plans for the afternoon included samplingthe New Belgium beer that we bought, along with the Third Shift Amber that we have in the refridge. Beyond that, nothing doing. Oh I may tinker around at the nav station a bit, but that’s all for me