Sea Trial on the 1976 Morgan 41 Out Island

The time for us to take possession of our new(er) Morgan 41 Out Island sailboat is getting closer.  We drove down to where she is berthed on Saturday and went out on a sea trial with Captain Voyle Coleman.  We were impressed.

So there is a lot of information on the Morgan found online.  Reviews, articles, technical information.  Most people that have written opinions about this sailboat in the forums have based their thoughts on what they have heard, or that a “friend owns one”.  There are fewer that you read from actual owners.  As with everything else, you have to sift through the tripe to find accurate information.  I am happy to say that most of the technical information for this great sailboat can be found online, along with an original owner’s manual for the year and model that we are buying.  What a pleasant surprise that was!

We awoke Saturday morning really excited about getting to go out on our new sailboat.  We had learned a few days before that the roller furler that had been taken down to repair the Genoa, had been reinstalled, so we would be able to put up full sails and take advantage of whatever wind there was, and there was just a bit.  Here is the video from our sea trial:

Sea Trial 01 24 2015