Latest Additions to the Galley

So, we bought a few things to make life easier aboard. Hey, you can voyage without living like a pauper! Anyway, at the suggestion of Chuck and Laura of Lealea fame (website / YouTube page), we bought a coffee press, but not just any coffee press. This one is thermal! I noticed one on a video of theirs and asked about it. TheyDSCF4082 were kind enough to provide a link to Amazon where they bought theirs. We ordered one and just received it. It’s called “Thermos NCI1000SS4 Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Gourmet Coffee Press, 34-Ounce” and you can click on the name to go check it out. We have a glass press on the sailboat, but we all know how well glass does on a boat, right? I think we’ll really like this one.

Something else that I noticed in one of their DSCF4081videos was a nice griddle. It’s of the camping variety and spans two burners. The nice thing is that, although it may take more fuel to heat, you will be cooking two meals at once. This one is titled “Coghlan’s Non-Stick Two Burner Griddle” and is also on Amazon. Just a few nice touches for the galley.

I need to do a few more articles on our upgrades and what all is in our punch list and what we’ve done. More in that in the next few days.