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Long Way Home

Stuck in the Pacific

Almost becalmed with a diesel not working (again).  Sailing back from the island and will get back to the mainland late.

Weekend Adventure

We’re headed to Catalina Island for fishing this weekend.  We will actually be sailing to San Clemente island to fish and then back to Catalina to spend the night at anchor.  Many videos, pictures and stories to follow!

Time for a Postmortem

The time has come to review the punch list and do a postmortem on our shakedown.  We’ll be doing that this weekend. Posted from WordPress for Android

Preparing for San Diego Sail

We’re preparing for a week-long sail to San Diego.  The weather is supposed to be really warm!  We’ve been getting the boat ready for the south Pacific, so this will be an initial shakedown cruise for systems that we have been recently installed.  Should be fun, and an opportunity for lots of video and some …

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Wet Weekend

Although it’s been a wet weekend, we managed to get some things done.  The cabinet behind the settee is complete and ready for stain.  Next week I will be rebedding windows on the starboard side.  A few of the windows leak and we found this out during the rain this weekend.

Why We Are Leaving

As I sit here tonight it strikes me that I have perhaps given some of the reasons why we have decided to leave, but not really outlined the catalyst.  This post will serve to remind me that I need to draft a more complete account of what we have researched  and how that research has …

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First Experience Crewing

In our endeavors to become more experienced in a variety of situations, the wife and I have worked tirelessly to become as acquainted with our sailboat as possible.  When there are things to be repaired, we do the work ourselves, no matter how difficult.  When there is equipment to be installed, we install it ourselves.  One …

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Sometimes You Have to Have Fun

Martini time! Posted from WordPress for Android

Weekend Work

I finally managed to do some more work at the boat this weekend.  My projects were connecting the hot water heater to the engine, installing the alternator upgrade on the diesel, and hanging some LED lights in the cabin.  I also finished mounting the cockpit table so we can use it. We motored out to …

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