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Oct 06 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 7 – Boat Found!!

We found our boat! Finally we managed to find a boat that filled both of our wish lists.  Here is what was on our wish lists. Tom: Needs to be a ketch.  Why?  Because I like the layout. Steering wheel for ease of use and so that a there is no tiller to take up …

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Sep 15 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 6

We’re on the final leg of our journey to find a new sailboat.  We’ve done our research, looked for several months, studied all the particulars for the boat that we are currently pursuing, and are about to finalize a deal. We have entered into a contract in that we have an agreement that we will …

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Sep 11 2009

Anyone Can Live on a Boat

Why it is that more people don’t decide to live aboard, I have no idea.  Anyone can decide to improve their lives and make this decision.  All it takes is a bit of planning and some courage (Chuck), and you can have a life of freedom, too! We decided to embark on this course about …

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Sep 11 2009

Decision on Sailboat!

So we’ve decided on a sailboat!  We will be posting pictures soon, along with information on our purchase and the owers and previous owners, and how to research them. We were fortunate in that the previous owners were really nice and honest people.  And we were very fortunate to find the original owner that bought, …

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Sep 01 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 5

Well, we’ve run the gammit with regards to looking at different styles of sailboats.  We most recently looked a a beautiful ketch that has a wooden hull. She is a ketch and was built in 1970 in Taipei, Taiwan.  We’re seriously thinking about buying this one!  It has almost everything that we would need for …

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Aug 25 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 4

The never ending saga, or so it seems… One thing that we have learned in this adventure, is that when we go to look at a sailboat that we might potentially buy, we need to take a LOT of pictures and take a lot of notes. We most recently looked at a 39′ Columbia Tall …

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Aug 06 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 3

Okay, so we’ve spent a lot of time looking and researching.  As it seems, it will end up cost us more to buy a boat in need of repair and spending money to fix it up than it will paying more for a boat in good condition.  It’s kinda like buying a classic car that …

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Jul 29 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 2

You know, there are a lot of boats out there for sale.  There are quite a few that are what I would consider reasonable, and then there are the really cheap ones.  I have learned a lot from our first buying experience. First of all, never trust anyone.  We were sold a boat that had …

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Jul 27 2009

Searching for a Sailboat – Part 1

Now that we have become moderately able to sail, we are starting to think of looking for our dream boat.  We’re looking to buy something around 40′-50′ in length.  We have looked at floor plans and amenities and have come the the conclusions regarding length that we need to be able to be comfortable. Some …

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Jul 04 2009

Life Began…

Life began, at least my sailing life, about a month ago (June 3, 2009) when my wife and I purchased our first sailboat.  She’s a 26′ Columbia Mk II and she is our pride and joy.  Although she needs some fixing up, we’re taking our time and learning to sail with her.  We will eventually …

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