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Nov 03 2013

What’s Up!?

A short blurb about what we're up to this weekend. We FINALLY made it down to the boat after five months!     Posted with Blogsy

Jan 15 2013

Weekend Projects – Punchlist

Jun 25 2012

Drive to Sailboat and Maintenance

Jun 12 2012

Tangled Halyards

Jun 10 2012

Weekend Work

We made it down to the boat Friday evening to get an early start organizing things Saturday.  I also had a few plans for mounting the charge controller for the wind generator and connecting the battery in the anchor locker to the rest of the house system.  I did manage to get those two things …

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May 04 2012

Headed Off to the Sailboat

So we’re headed off to the marina this afternoon with thoughts of climbing the mast to install the radar dome.  I have everything I need, so I just need to get this done.  That gets one more thing out of the interior of the boat and makes the first mate that much happier. We also …

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May 17 2011

Home Improvement – Added Shower Sump

This weekend’s project, or one of them, was to add a shower sump to keep the bilge dry.  In Columbia’s infinite wisdom they allowed the shower to drain directly into the bilge.  This would not be a problem, but as with most bilges, there is no way to pump the bilge completely dry.  Because of …

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Apr 09 2011

Installed a New Toilet

In replacing the holding tank and installing a macerator, I came to the conclusion that it was also time to replace the toilet.  It appeared that the toilet that was there may have been the original that came on the boat from 1969.  With the condition of the hoses it would not surprise me. Luckily …

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Apr 01 2011

More Work on the Head

I decided get started on building the platform for the holding tank.  Initially I wanted to get the tank into place and make sure that all the lines would reach and that I was happy with having the tank where it is.  Now that it appears it is where it should be, time to complete …

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Mar 13 2011

The Bilge is Clean, Dry and Painted

After spending the last two weekends cleaning and painting the bilge, I have become more intimately aware of everything down there than I ever wanted to be.  At least she is clean and dry, and the bolts are more-protected than they were.