• Captain Tom

    Thank you all for visiting our new site. We have mostly moved things over from the old site and will be updating more soon.

  • Daniel Wentworth

    Great blog Tom. Practical, thoughtful and well written.

  • Mark Johnson

    Interesting site and blog. Do you plan to do any distance cruising? My wife, Mary and i are moving onboard our 36 Columbia at the end of April. Located in Portland, Or. Our move from Alaska is more traumatic than we anticipated.

    If you are interested in comparing notes on upgrades and ideas for improvements feel free to email me at

    Good luck, Mark and Mary Johnson.
    Aboard SV Gifty

    • TheEditor

      Thanks! We plan to retire on the sailboat in a few years.

      I’ll shoot you an email. Mean time you can check some of our upgrades out on my Youtube channel at

  • LEO

    Why does Tom hate law enforcement officers? Would he ever call the police if something bad like a murder, rape or theft happened to himself or one of his daughters or wife? Something he should think about. There are bad seeds in ever profession but to proclaim a war is happening is a little ridiculous. Yes, it is in your own opinion but in my opinion, if someone you love or care about is attacked in anyway, you should not be allowed to contact the proper authorities because of your great dislike towards the men and women that work the streets to keep everyone safe. You should have to sit back and watch as your loved ones are in pain because there is a war going on between the police and civilians as you claim sir. Have a good day.

    • TheEditor

      Well, “LEO”, I can see why you would hide behind a nickname when posting. And then you come into a forum like this to air your opinion, which tells us all that you are a coward and wish to tear others down behind their back, as opposed to letting everyone know who you are in an open debate in a proper place. What you don’t realize is that servers, like mine, record IP addresses and time stamps. You can easily be located. When you posted this, you posted using a Verizon IP, and your ISP is located at 22001 Loudoun County Parkway, Ashburn, VA, 20147. Should I have our attorney contact them regarding your defamation? You can also easily be sued of you defame people on the Net. Just a thought for the next time you slither out from under your rock, like a coward.

      That said, Tom is not against the police. Tom is against the police state we live in. Tom is against the militarization of the police. Tom is against police violence, which is at an all-time high, even in light of the fact that violence against the police is at a 126 year low. Tom is against the “good apples” standing around and watching the bad while they beat and murder citizens. Tom remembers when the police mantra was “To Protect and Serve”, but has now become “To Enforce the Law”. Tom is against waiting for the police to come AFTER a crime has been committed, and is for actively protecting his family by being armed.

      And the biggest of all? Tom is against people, like “LEO”, who protect and covet a violent police state while acting like they need to have others protect them. Man up, boy. You should change your nick to “LEO THE COWARD”.