• Captain Tom

    Thank you all for visiting our new site. We have mostly moved things over from the old site and will be updating more soon.

  • Daniel Wentworth

    Great blog Tom. Practical, thoughtful and well written.

  • Mark Johnson

    Interesting site and blog. Do you plan to do any distance cruising? My wife, Mary and i are moving onboard our 36 Columbia at the end of April. Located in Portland, Or. Our move from Alaska is more traumatic than we anticipated.

    If you are interested in comparing notes on upgrades and ideas for improvements feel free to email me at

    Good luck, Mark and Mary Johnson.
    Aboard SV Gifty

    • Thanks! We plan to retire on the sailboat in a few years.

      I’ll shoot you an email. Mean time you can check some of our upgrades out on my Youtube channel at