About Us

She is an attorney.  She worked very hard to put herself through law school, struggling raising two kids and cleaning houses.  I am an engineer (EE).  I worked my way through school and worked my way through the ranks of the communications scene and into management.  I raised my three kids on my own after I divorced my first wife.  We met in 2003 and married in 2005.  I resigned my position managing engineers at a communications firm in Houston and moved to California to run the law office.

We bought our first sailboat in 2009.  She’s was a 26′ Columbia Mk II and she was our pride and joy.  Although she needed some fixing up, we were learning to sail with her, and alas, we sold her to make way for our new boat.  We now own a Harstad 31 (try to find that one on the web!) that is actually 32′ LOD and has over 6′ of headroom in the main saloon.  She’s a beautiful boat!

This blog will stand as an historical account of our learning to sail and our

Update August 9, 2010: We sold our Harstad 31 and will be picking up our new boat this weekend.  She is a Columbia 36 that has been completely refinished both inside and out.  She has a new (50 hours) Yanmar diesel in her and is in immaculate overall condition.

  • Gary Mantei

    Hi Tom. The depth of interests between you and AnnMarie interests me. I don’t see how you manage…3 law firm locations covering one of the more active areas on Earth. The needs for service that you provide are most appropriate for both of you, business must boom! Obviously you are curious but conservative people (vessel choices, simplicity of pleasures, unpretentious manner etc) and I applaud that. Question: Any plans for that acre of cleared land behind your Santa Ana office? Something BIG must be in the works!

    • Hey, Gary. I only manage two locations, but we’re still a small outfit. We associate with a larger firm in L.A., but they handle their own calendar, etc. Sometimes we loose more than we take in because the first mate tends to give away her services. As long as we can stay out of a bind, it’s okay.

      The land behind us belongs to a real estate millionaire named Mike Harrah. His office is the historical house next to us. He is in the process of building the tallest building in Santa Ana. The area behind us will be for that building. He could not move the office (historical home) we’re in because the city would not let him, so we get to stay here.